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China Market Expertise

Working with publishers to maximize market impact in China

The Charlesworth Group is recognized globally as the market leader in providing sales representation for the China market. Our expertise positions us to market your content effectively. We provide a variety of services to help you meet your objectives and increase your revenue and brand awareness. As a well-known and trusted organization with over 18 years' experience in China, we are able to advise you on the best strategies and management techniques for increasing your presence in China.

Strategic China market consultancy

As one of the fastest growing and most attractive markets to Western publishers, China is also one of the most competitive. Through an in-depth understanding of the market we can work with you to improve your impact and presence within the Chinese academic community through a mix of digital marketing and sales-focused strategies. We call this your 'China footprint'.

5 practical steps to help you raise your profile in China

Digital marketing and social media

Marketing is a core part of building your brand presence and reputation in China. We support the development of your China marketing strategy by utilizing an appropriate mix of approaches and communication channels for your content and brand. These can also include setting up and managing brand and content engagement via social media outlets like WeChat and Weibo, alongside website development and SEO services tailored to the Baidu search environment.

Consortia and site license sales

We are leading agents for the licensing of content into major consortia in China, including NSTL (the National Science and Technology Library consortium); China Academic Library & Information Systems (CALIS), recently renamed the Digital Resource Acquisition Alliance of Chinese Academic Libraries (DRAA); Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), as well as regional consortia as appropriate.

Case study: Sales agency support for STM publisher

Sales agency service

The Charlesworth Group handles print and online sales, while managing subscription renewals and new sales opportunities. We provide a tailored marketing strategy and we establish goals for each subscription cycle. This service is ideal for publishers who already have a presence in the market, and who want to increase society memberships, grow publisher sales and revenue while increasing impact.

Case study: China help desk for OA publisher

Local reprints and chinese editions

The Charlesworth Group acts as an agent for Western medical publishers by selling reprints of relevant journal articles to the Chinese academic market. We have been working on the issues surrounding copyright in China for many years providing us with in-depth knowledge of the academic community and the publishing industry.

Print sales

In contrast to many parts of the world, print sales are still an important part of the market in China. Fulfilment is managed through a network of local import agents. We have strong relationships with these agents and works with them to help to promote titles to relevant societies and universities.

Second tier discount price sales

We can negotiate and arrange for reduced price copies to be sold to libraries that cannot afford full price, with a time delay to separate them from full priced sales.

Emerging commercial market

The Charlesworth Group continually monitors the potential for academic publications in the commercial sector and carries out specific market research to suit areas of interest. In particular, we are specialists in pharmaceutical reprint sales.


With over 1.3 billion potential readers in China, translating your content into local language to increase its accessibility is a worthwhile investment and it is important to work with a trusted partner to deliver high-quality, accurate translations that will maintain the standard of your English publications.

Dedicated marketing to support sales

Digital marketing and social media

Charlesworth China offers a range of integrated marketing services that can be included within our full service agency package or simply provided as a one-off service. These include setting up and managing social media accounts such as WeChat and Weibo.

Market research

It is important to understand how client publications and services fit the Chinese market, both at the outset and as the market evolves. We are ideally placed to provide information and carry out detailed market research.

Mailing campaigns

To promote awareness of publications we offer combined email marketing with postal mail shots enclosing posters (in Chinese) for display in libraries and institutions.


Follow-up on mailing campaigns, contacting appropriate individuals directly by telephone and providing feedback to publishers.

Development of Chinese websites

Availability of online publisher information (in Chinese) is vital to increase awareness and market penetration as well as an understanding of Baidu Analytics and SEO development and integration with other digital and social media marketing strategies.

Attending meetings and conferences

The Charlesworth China team provides a face-to-face presence in China for publishers.

Trusted partners

Some of the leading publishers collaborating with us in China.

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