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English Editing Services

English editing from PhD Experts

We offer a range of English editing services to help maximise your chances of acceptance and publication, provided by editors with PhDs in your discipline. These include editing packages and a range of individual services that cover every stage of your research.

Our Editing Packages

We offer three comprehensive editing packages to ensure your paper's success.

The Essential Editing package

The Charlesworth Essential Editing package is our lowest priced editing package for academic authors, with your choice of editor and a 60% discount on a second-round edit within one year.
Starting from only $67

The Advanced Editing package

The Charlesworth Advanced Editing package is our best value editing package for academic authors who may need re-editing or ongoing publication support. With your choice of editor, editing of your cover letter and free multiple-round edits within one year.
Starting from only $209

The Scientific Editing package

The Charlesworth Scientific Editing package is the comprehensive option for academic authors. This editing package offers a scientific peer assessment during the paper editing process, your choice of editor, plagiarism check, editing of your cover letter and free multiple-round edits within one year. 
Starting from only $366


Translation & Editing Icon

Translation + Editing

Our translation services are provided by specialists with qualifications in your subject or discipline, ensuring that your research, academic paper or publication maintains a consistent, accurate tone of voice, assisted by powerful semantic technologies that ensure consistency throughout.

Translation Services
Grant Proposal

Grant Proposal Editing

Our Grant Proposal Services include two packages, both designed to maximise your chances of securing funding. We have an intimate understanding of the publication process, and will work to improve the language and presentation of your proposal - ensuring that reviewers can focus solely on your research content, and the issues your research seeks to address.

Grant Proposal Editing
Cover Letter

Cover Letter Editing

Our cover letter services are dedicated to selecting key facts from your paper and presenting your research in a clear, legible manner - giving you more time to focus on your research, and maximising your chances of publication.

Cover Letter Editing

Abstract Editing

An abstract of your research is essential to getting published - and a professional, well-edited, informative abstract improves your chances immensely with academic publications and journals. Our services are flexible to your requirements, ensuring a one-on-one, professional and personalised service.

Abstract Editing

Figure Formatting

Our figure formatting services are dedicated to meeting your target journal's guidelines, with editing of text, graphic placement and line weights, alongside any typographical errors or faulty data. This will result in a clear, professional presentation alongside your paper.

Figure Formatting Services

Our Editors

We only work with native English-speaking editors with advanced or postdoctoral degrees in their disciplines.


All of our editing packages include a high-level English language edit, checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation, style and readability, as well as checking for consistency of content and ensuring that your article complies with journal guidelines.

Each service offers a different level of benefits, depending at what stage your article is in the publishing process.

Essential Editing: Full language check, 60% discount for re-editing your article within one year, and ability to choose your preferred editor.

Advanced Editing: In addition to the services offered in our Charlesworth Essential package, you will also be able to have your article re-edited free of charge within one year and will receive help with your reviewer responses.

Premium Editing: For articles that may require a greater level of intervention in the scientific content as well as language, this package includes all the benefits of our Charlesworth Essential and Advanced packages, as well as a full scientific review from our expert editors to improve the content and increase the likelihood of peer review evaluation. (Please click here to view an example of the Scientific Review form used by our editors when reviewing your article.) You will also be able to have your article re-edited free of charge within one year.

Yes, if you would like to see a sample of some of our editing work on previous articles then please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a sample from a similar subject area. If you choose to use our editing service, you will also be provided with a sample of your edited article to check before you are asked to make your payment.

Once you have uploaded your article to our website, it will be assessed by a member of our team before being assigned to an editor. Before your article has been assessed, if you would like to change the package type of your article then please contact us and we will arrange this. Once your article has been assigned to an editor you will not be able to change the package type.

Yes, once your article has been completed, you can download an Editorial Certificate from our website, by clicking on the green tick symbol next to your article.

If you have made significant changes to your paper after we have completed our edit, the certificate may not be valid and you should check with our customer services department at helpdesk@cwauthors.com. (A 'significant change' is regarded as new content being introduced, or a large proportion of our recommended changes for the document not being accepted, and resulting in language errors being left in the manuscript).

Note: An Editorial Certificate does not guarantee publication. This is the decision of the journal editor.

Yes. If you were particularly happy with the work on a previous paper then you can request to have the same editor work on your next article (subject to availability). Please provide us with the paper number of your previous article and we will make sure that your new article is assigned to the same editor. If for any reason your chosen editor is unavailable, we will let you know and give you the option to choose another editor or wait until the original editor becomes available.

Please note that as part of our Ethics Policy we do not disclose the personal identities of our editors.

To know more about all our Author Services, payment options and quality standards, view our complete list of FAQs here.