Mental Health Awareness Month

We are celebrating Researcher Wellbeing this Mental Health Awareness Month (May)
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Making Healthy, Positive Use of Social Media in Academia

Practising Self-Care as a Researcher

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Understanding the Embargo Period and dealing with it as an Author and a Reader

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Academic writing

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Series: Avoiding Journal Rejection

Avoiding Common Mistakes that lead to Journal Rejection

Reasons for Desk Rejection – and how to avoid it

Reasons for Peer Review Rejection – and how to avoid it

Early-Career Researchers

How to start writing from Day One of your PhD

A simple guide to begin Publishing during Your PhD

Understanding and preparing a ‘PhD by publication’

Mid-Career Researchers


Basics of developing and conducting a Systematic Review

Academic writing

What you need to know about Writing a good Book Review


What to keep in mind when Setting up a Research Lab

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Predatory journals

WEBINAR: Dealing with and Avoiding Predatory Journals

Getting published

WEBINAR: Strategies for Getting Published in High-Impact Journals

Journal rejection

WEBINAR: Avoiding Journal Rejection

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