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Achieve your potential: Learn from experience

The Charlesworth Group works with universities, institutions, research groups, and third party training providers to develop and deliver training workshops aimed at Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and graduate students (MSc and PhD).


We offer a series of one-day comprehensive interactive workshops which may be booked individually or as a combined module to be delivered on-site at your premises. We can develop bespoke tailored workshops to suit your needs on request.



We run a series of webinars which can be booked individually or combined into a longer session. They're between 50-60 mins depending on the subject area, allowing time for Q&As and feedback. Our aim is to help you to reach your potential as a researcher.



A tailored one-on-one editing and education service for authors or groups of authors working on papers for publication. We also provide publishing and research consultation services to Universities and Research Groups.


Third Party Training Organisations

We also work with other training providers to develop and deliver workshops to Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and graduate students (MSc and PhD) in publication and academic writing.


Vitae and Charlesworth Postgrad and Early Career Researcher Training Pilot


With over 140 years shared experience of academic publishing services and enhancing the skills and careers of researchers between us, Charlesworth and Vitae are at the forefront of developments in the higher education research and publishing environment and culture. We have jointly developed two new courses, 'Preparing to publish & peer review' and 'The open researcher' which we will be piloting over the coming year. 

These unique courses for postgraduate and early career researchers bridge a common gap in current researcher development provision by combining Vitae’s training expertise and focus on the development of transferable skills and Charlesworth’s insight into the research and publishing ecosystem. If you are interested in learning more about the new courses and expressing your interest as a pilot partner institution please  register here.

Why select Charlesworth Knowledge for your training needs?

Our courses focus on developing and honing transferable skills. They are carefully structured to provide training in a measured and incremental way, with clear learning outcomes.

Our Expertise

We are an industry-recognised leader in supporting the global academic community in preparing their research papers for publication through language-polishing and associated editing services.


Our deep knowledge of global publishing, combined with our experience in supporting authors in the research-to-publication process, ensures that our courses stay relevant and attendees receive a high-quality learning experience.


As members of the internationally recognised Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), we follow industry best practice in promoting ethical research and publication practices.

Our Trainers

Our professional trainers are Higher Education Authority qualified and currently work in academic institutions to deliver training and mentoring to Early Career Researchers, MSc and PhD students.


Having published their own research in leading journals, our trainers have a broad depth of experience in developing training material that is targeted to your needs.


Our trainers have extensive experience in the research-to-publication process and are therefore uniquely qualified to deliver training in a wide range of subjects.


What institutions have said about our webinars and workshops:

“Thank you very much for supporting our workshop. The Charlesworth trainer did an excellent job according to first feedback of our fellows”. 

Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, Košice, Slovak Republic.

“Thank you for your workshop(s) last week, they were really inspirational and helpful! I write you because I want to ask if you can send us your PowerPoint presentations. I am dealing with the preparations of an article and they would be super convenient”.

Early Career Researcher, Šafárik University, Košice, Slovak Republic.

“The webinar was very interesting and supportive”

Dr Mark Debono, University of Malta 



"Your speech is very clear and easy to understand. I hope more Chinese authors, especially nurses who want to publish English papers still have the chance to lister to your lectures."

红丽 Hongli Wang
International Journal of Nursing Sciences


Audience: All researchers but especially Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and librarians.

This workshop provides essential tips and tricks to enable you to achieve your writing aspirations by publishing your research in high impact journals. Although this presentation emphasises ECRs, it contains information useful to all interested in writing for publication.

As a result of this workshop learners will understand:

  • Journal editor selection criteria and how to navigate this process

  • How to select the most appropriate journal suited to your research and therefore increase publication success

  • The structure of a well-written and effective scientific paper

  • The importance of publication in peer-reviewed journals

  • How to handle and gain positives from rejection

  • The steps involved in a manuscript’s journey from submission to publication

  • The peer review process

Audience: ECRs and research officers

This workshop provides an overview of the ECR training provided by The Charlesworth Group, and covers a number of key skills that will enhance the career development of ECRs (MSc and PhD students as well as early-career postdocs).

As a result of this workshop learners will understand:

  • The contents of an effective PhD and MSc thesis

  • The right mindset for writing a scientific paper

  • How to sell yourself as a researcher

  • Key team working skills

Audience:  All Researchers but especially ECRs and librarians

Based on our extensive experience of language polishing and editing scientific manuscripts, this workshop will cover many commonly encountered mistakes made by non-native writers of English. Improve your all-round English writing skills by learning to quickly and easily avoid common mistakes.

As a result of this workshop learners will understand:

  • Common grammatical and structural errors made by non-native English speakers when writing

  • How to minimise your need for language polishing

  • Key tips for effective English scientific writing

Audience: All Researchers but especially ECRs and librarians.

This workshop will focus on helping you understand the publication process, from how to submit a scientific paper through to how to manage your interactions with editors and reviewers to maximise your chances of a successful high-impact outcome for your research. 

As a result of this workshop learners will understand:

  • How to effectively submit scientific papers

  • Write highly effective cover letters

  • Select effective and suitable reviewers

  • Ensure your work has the highest possible chance of getting published in your target journal

  • How to effectively communicate with editors and what they expect from authors and reviewers

  • Maximise the impact of your research after publication

Audience: All researchers but especially Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and librarians.

This workshop provides essential tips and tricks to enable you to maximise your citation rate and impact factor before, during, and after the publication process. Maximise the reach and dissemination of your research, essential skills to succeed as an academic researcher. This presentation emphasises ECRs, but contains information useful to all interested in writing for publication.

As a result of this course learners will understand how to:

  • Select journals effectively and target research publications to maximise impact

  • Construct effective press releases

  • Work with journal, publishing house, and academic media teams

  • Build engaging blog content around research and publications

  • Maximise the reach and dissemination of research

  • Successfully develop a brand as a researcher

Audience: All Researchers but especially ECRs.

This workshop will focus on helping you understand how to write effective grant proposals and maximise their chances of funding. Understand what funding agencies and reviewers are looking for when assessing your proposals and maximise your chances of winning successful outcomes for your research.

As a result of this course learners will understand how to:

  • Effectively construct grant proposals

  • Ensure proposal contents is meaningful and fits with funding agency remits

  • Select effective and suitable reviewers

  • Construct appropriate budgets

  • Develop plans for purchases and personnel recruitment

  • Summarise research aims and objectives in a concise and effective manner

  • Illustrate proposals effectively

Audience: All ECRs, research officers, and research-active staff

This workshop provides an overview of the basic statistics and data presentation skills that are important for all numerically-minded researchers. Presented in an easy-to-follow and understand fashion this course is both a primer for ECRs as well as a refresher for more experienced colleagues. Course can be adapted for undergraduate students.

As a result of this course learners will understand how to:

  • Develop clear and testable data-based hypotheses

  • Appropriately assemble sets of data for analysis

  • Determine which statistical tests and presentation methods are appropriate for different data

  • Perform efficient and repeatable data analysis

  • Identify the common mistakes made in data analysis

  • Present results and outcomes effectively

Audience:  All Researchers but especially ECRs, research officers, and librarians

Develop an efficient tool-kit of skills as a researcher including collaboration, research group management, personal research development, ideas management, effective presentation and networking skills. Select options as you move along your career path to maximise success and achieve your potential.

As a result of this course learners will understand how to:

  • Effectively collaborate and maximise the potential of research projects

  • Develop networking skills that work

  • Manage research groups and teams of colleagues

  • Collaboratively write research papers and grant proposals

  • Present research effectively and maximise impact

Author Publication Tips

Click here to read more blogs on author publication hints and tips.

At Charlesworth Author Services we know that successful grant writing is both an art and a science.

Winning funding is a critical step for any research project, often the critical step. Teams cannot be built, projects initiated, or data collected without grant funding to support research; writing and winning funding application is a key component of any successful academic career. Indeed, your route to employment, tenure, and promotion likely depends on writing successful grant applications.

Read more here.

Can you steal from yourself? Learn about 'self-plagiarism' with Charlesworth Knowledge.

As so many academics can tell you, nothing is more frustrating than working for months on a paper and then receiving an almost immediate rejection from your target journal. Data collated by major publishing companies reveal some of the main reasons academic research papers get rejected by handling editors without peer review.

Read more here.

Webinars now available

We will be running a series of online webinars which can be booked individually or combined into a longer webinar session. Our webinars will run between 50-60 mins depending on the subject area. For a full list of our webinar please contact us.

Statistics and Data

Presenting data in an attractive manner and making sure your analyses are watertight can make or break a study.

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Academic Conferences

Academic conferences are HUGE networking opportunities that can make or break careers. Learn some key skills to maximise your time.

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Public Speaking

Presentation and public-speaking skills can be learned. Giving a talk in a second language is a very scary and intimidating experience.

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Peer Review

The peer-review process is the cornerstone of academic publishing: everyone wants to get their papers into journals that have been ‘policed’ in this way.


Watch now

Interview Performance

Well done! You’ve made it to the interview stage. What next? Make sure you maximise your chances of securing that dream job. Tips and tricks for any interview situation.


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Poster Design

Make sure people stop and look at your conference poster. How to design, create, and produce a conference poster that people will remember.


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Imposter Syndrome

You are in the position you are in because of your ability. You deserve to be the best you can be. Charlesworth Knowledge can help you to enhance your career and make it to the next stage: Your PhD and beyond!


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Responding and Communicating

Ensure that you show editors you are taking this process seriously. How to maximise your chances of publication in your target journal after review. Manage comments on your work and don’t be afraid of talking with editors.


Join at 10am GMT 17th DecemberJoin at 2pm GMT 17th December 

Grant Editing

Join us to learn how to put together an effective (and hopefully, successful) grant application.

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If you want to speak to our team about any of our webinars, workshops or a tailor made workshop program please click the button below to contact us