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Preparing Your Papers for Peer Review

Peer assessment through our scientific review form

Charlesworth Author Services offer a range of options for ensuring your paper is of the highest standard upon submission to the journal of your choice. To ensure the best possible outcome of the resulting peer review process, our scientific review form is here for you.

What is peer review?

Peer review is an important part of the submissions process for getting your work published in an academic journal. Once your paper has been submitted, the editor of the journal invites academics and researchers in your field to check your submission meets a set of criteria. As a result of this, you may then be given feedback on how to improve the manuscript, and the journal’s editor will be advised on whether the paper is ready to be published, or if improvements need to be made first.

To ensure your paper is as well-prepared for this process as possible, Charlesworth offer a peer assessment service with our scientific review form.

For more information on how your article submissions are reviewed before they are accepted for publication in your journal of choice, please click here.

Why choose Charlesworth?


All our editors are PhD-educated in their respective fields, meaning you receive high quality feedback on your journal submissions from a specialist in your discipline.

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The peer assessment service is one of our many individual options available as part of Charlesworth Flexible, giving you the versatility you need to meet your specific publishing needs.

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Our Charlesworth Premium package, currently only available for medical research papers, includes our peer assessment service as part of the deal. Ideal for a thorough review of your work.

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What is our service?

We use our clear and comprehensive scientific review form to assess your academic paper before you submit it to a journal for peer review. This form provides structure to the evaluation of the article in terms of its scientific merit, and once it has been filled in by our expert editors, it will help you minimise or eliminate the major reasons for rejection through journal peer review.

Charlesworth’s expert editors are experienced with peer review from both sides of the process, and are therefore able to give you clear, detailed, helpful advice to finely tune your work and prepare it for submission to your journal of choice. We believe we are truly the best option for your papers, able to precisely identify areas of improvement and prepare your work as much as possible before submission.

Peer Review Week

An international festival of knowledge, Peer Review Week is a global celebration and discussion of the peer review process and its results, and features events all around the world. Peer review is an essential process that maintains scientific quality, and this week is an opportunity to emphasize its role, share and showcase the work of academics, and highlight the best ways to move forward.

Peer Review Week takes place in September every year, and for 2018 the week in question is Monday 10th to Saturday 15th.

‘Diversity and Inclusion’ was selected as the 2018 theme for Peer Review Week. All events throughout the week and around the globe focus on this theme, provoking discussion on how to diversify the peer review process and include voices from minorities across academic disciplines, as well as why this is so necessary.

For more information on Peer Review Week, visit the dedicated website here

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