The Charlesworth Essential Editing package is our lowest-priced editing package for academic authors. Designed to maximise publication success, this editing package offers a great price for the researcher seeking publication, with your choice of PhD qualified editor.

This thorough academic editing package includes a word count reduction of up to 10%, complete with comprehensive editing to give your research the voice it deserves - from your content, to terminology, to tables, all provided by an academic editor with experience in your discipline.

Receive a 60% discount off subsequent rounds of re-editing with this package, subject to our re-edit policies.

This academic editing package is particularly useful if English is your second language. We can ensure that the English in your document is clear, concise and readable no matter which journal you are targeting, all while following their requirements to get your research the publication it deserves.

We’re so confident in our services that if you're not satisfied, we will re-edit your manuscript for you.

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Who are Charlesworth Author Services?

We understand the importance of your research and its publication. At Charlesworth Author Services, we offer a variety of packages for academic authors in order to improve the quality, clarity and readability of your written English - thus maximising your publication success. 

Unlike most academic author and editing services, our editors always have PhDs (or equivalent) in your chosen disciplines, with native-level English and a first-hand understanding of the publication process. As a result, our editors understand your subject’s technical language and can ensure it is edited properly with this in mind, keeping your writing clear, concise and scientifically accurate. 

Our editing and support services not only help academics to get published - they also streamline the academic publication process by improving the quality of submissions editors and publishers receive. We are recommended by some of the world’s top scientific publications and institutions, including The Royal Society, The American Mathematical Society, The Royal Society, The American Mathematical Society, The Royal Society of Chemistry and more - and we are proud members of the Committee of Publication Ethics.