Academic publishing is more than simply writing a unique paper with scientific merit; the selection of your journal is essential. Beyond simply finding a publication that matches up with your paper, there are many aspects to consider.

video-imgJournal Selection

  • Performed by senior researchers/academics with many years of experience in academic publishing.
  • Our experts go through your paper in detail to aid in the selection of target publications.
  • Along with any additional information you provide, our experts identify up to five journals for your paper.
  • Our experts provide a report on the recommended journals, covering details such as impact factor, examples of previously published articles and reasons why the selected journals are suitable for your paper.
  • Our experts provide their recommendation on the journal you should primarily target for submission.


time Turnaround time of 3-5 days

Our service focuses on three key factors:


Impact Factor

This score reflects the yearly mean number of citations of articles published in the last two years in a given journal, as indexed by Clarivate's Web of Science. A higher score generally means a prestigious journal.



As with all forms of publishing, the key aim is to present your writing to as large an audience as possible. Larger, more popular journals are more likely to attract larger numbers of submissions.


Open Access

With the rise of Open Access publishing, it's easier than ever to make your research accessible to the scientific community - however, an Open Access journal comes with its own set of challenges.


Our Journal Selection report includes relevant details for up to five academic journals that are the best match for your paper, chosen by our experts after an analysis of your article.

It includes details such as ISSN, impact factor, number of issues per year and reasons why the journals are suitable, with examples of previously published articles.

The report thus aims to help you make a decision on a suitable target journal. To guide your decision-making, at the end of the report, we provide our recommendation on a first-choice journal to target.

Our academic experts go through every section of your manuscript in detail (including the abstract) and any additional information you may provide (e.g. your publishing objectives) in order to decide upon a shortlist of publications for you. However, our experts do not perform an academic edit or technical review of your manuscript.

If you believe your manuscript may benefit from language editing and/or a scientific review, you may wish to get a quote for our editing services.

The Journal Selection report includes a link to the homepage of each shortlisted journal. However, we are unable to submit your paper for you.

Our Journal Selection service aims to guide your decision on selecting a suitable journal for your manuscript. Through the in-depth analysis by our experts, it also seeks to increase the likelihood of your manuscript being considered by the journals they have shortlisted. However, it does not guarantee either acceptance or publication by any of these journals.