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Charlesworth Knowledge: Easily accessible training-on-demand for Chinese researchers

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Charlesworth Knowledge: Easily accessible training-on-demand for Chinese researchers


At Charlesworth Knowledge we understand the demands on research time in today’s frenetic and competitive environment; academics are busy people, often juggling teaching, administration, paperwork, and meetings. There is often barely enough time left for research, let alone training, attending courses, honing and polishing the skills needed for success.


We know that sometimes the only free time a busy academic might have during the day is between meetings or on their daily commute to-and-from the workplace. It can be difficult to find the time to sit down for an hour to listen to a Webinar, or attend a lecture on ‘how to write/review a paper’.


In China, The Charlesworth Group offers a flexible learning solution; short, easily-accessible video presentations on important research and skills topics that are available for views on mobile within WeChat. Similar content will soon be available for global download across a range of platforms via our site: www.cwauthors.com/cwknowledge


Our presentations are short, informative, and tailored for early career researchers (ECRs). They comprise bite-sized, easy-to-digest information within topic areas like ‘excellent English writing’, ‘academic communications in English’, ‘writing great research papers’, and ‘a great PhD thesis’. Presentations are based on our extensive experience working in China and feedback from ECRs countrywide; our short presentations are tailored specifically to their needs.


If you listen, you will learn something valuable and also easy to apply to advance your career.


We also know that research skills training can be boring; one of the aims of Charlesworth Knowledge is to provide teaching and learning in lively, engaging, and experiential ways to help young researchers gain the confidence they need to achieve their potential writing and publishing their work. Our team all have deep experience writing and publishing their own work in leading journals, like Nature and Science; your research potential with Charlesworth Knowledge by learning from our experiences and success. We now also have a research relationship with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing.


The Charlesworth Group has a well-established international reputation for excellence in author services. Our editors are all PhD-qualified, native English speakers and our author satisfaction rates typically exceed 95%. Indeed, 85% of authors who submit papers to Charlesworth for language improvements and editing get their work accepted in their first choice journal. Pretty good going; we are clear leaders in this field.


If you are interested in learning more, or perhaps booking the Charlesworth Knowledge team to visit your University then please get in touch.


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