• Dr Gareth Dyke


Securing funding is the life-blood of modern academic research, the critical initial step necessary in order to get any research project off the ground. Indeed, in many universities and research institutes globally, it’s the money an individual generates that is considered the most important benchmark for assessment – more so than publications, teaching, or committee work: this is a fact of modern academic life.


We recognise this reality in our training at The Charlesworth Group, and our mentors all have extensive experience of writing, editing, and winning grants, as well as successfully managing research groups and publishing high-profile papers. Our Charlesworth Knowledge webinars are focused on helping you achieve your potential as an academic.


Join us on April 30th at either 10:00am or 14:00pm BST to learn about writing a successful grant application.


Click on the links below to sign up for our webinar:


Tuesday April 30th @ 10:00am


Tuesday April 30th @ 14:00pm


Why invest your time with us for an hour?


Here are some of the key things you can expect to learn:


(1) Before you write: what do you need to know in order to prepare before you write the application:


-The deadline: when is it and have you left enough time? Do you need paperwork? Partners?


-The call: who is your audience?


-The parameters: What’s the indicative time-line and budget? Should you go high or low?


-The need: How do you identify the key question your research project will address and illustrate why this is important?


-The innovation: What’s new and exciting? Is your proposal ‘business as usual’ or a ‘step away’? Will you continue with your current research or do something different?


(2) Tips for proposal writing. We'll demonstrate how to write effective, logical and persuasive applications by introducing the problem, outlining why solutions to the problem are needed, stating how the problem will be addressed/work achieved, and discussing the importance and application of your results. This will include:


-How to show reviewers you are passionate about your research.


-Ideas to effectively communicate the message of your research to assessors.


-A picture is worth a thousand words: How to effectively illustrate a proposal.


-How to plan and run your funded project.


-Your team: who do you need to complete the project on time? An appropriate and well-justified budget could include discussion of team members, equipment, any travel (perhaps to conferences), publication fees and article-processing costs, as well as any ‘consumables’ such as chemicals or stationary.


(3) After the proposal is written, how to carry out thorough checks before it is submitted e.g. analysis of the criteria, and testing your draft against how the proposal will be assessed.


Our aim at the Charlesworth Group is to help you develop effective grant funding applications through our Charlesworth Knowledge workshops. We have also recently announced our new Grant Proposal Editing Service; more information is available here.


Our services enable you to ensure that your funding proposals are written in clear, effective English so that the focus of reviewers will be on the scientific content, not the language. Click on the links below to sign up for our webinar:


Tuesday April 30th @ 10:00am


Tuesday April 30th @ 14:00pm



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