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Helping Early Career Researchers Overcome imposter syndrome – Charlesworth Knowledge free webinar on Tuesday November 26th 2019

Helping Early Career Researchers Overcome imposter syndrome – Charlesworth Knowledge free webinar on Tuesday November 26th 2019

Imposter Syndrome refers to a feeling that you are inadequate, not as intelligent as your colleagues and you have gained your position more through luck than skill. Sufferers of Imposter Syndrome have an inability to accept their success and feel that they will be unmasked as a fraud. The term ‘Imposter Syndrome’ was first coined in 1978 when psychologists detected this phenomenon ‘in high-achieving women’.

Although common in all lines of work, Imposter Syndrome is thought to be especially prevalent amongst graduate students and other ECRs for a number of reasons:

·         Academia is perceived as ‘an elite sphere’. It’s hard to secure a PhD, a postdoc, or that first academic position. What about tenure? These factors can easily lead to you questioning your success so far.

·         Academia can be extremely competitive. Lots and lots of very good people compete with each other all the time for positions, funding, access to data and resources. This can easily lead to a loss of self confidence.

·         Academia is a talent showcase. The world of research magnifies social hierarchies and can easily make people feel inadequate. Even if you achieve success, you are often left with the feeling of ‘how did that happen’?

How can you develop strategies to counter Imposter Syndrome feelings?

How can an Imposter Syndrome strategy enhance your career most effectively?

How can you ensure that your papers, presentations, grant and job applications all have the highest possible chance of success?

Attend our next Charlesworth Webinar on Tuesday November 26th 2019 at either 10am GMT or 2pm GMT to learn more. This webinar will feature interviews with current PhD students; we will discuss how common ‘Imposter Syndrome’ is, as well as strategies to manage this issue for ECRs.

Book now to attend this FREE webinar and learn how:

·         Attitudes in academia are now shifting and how you can contribute;

·         To develop positive and productive relationships with colleagues;

·         To support yourself, and;

·         To embrace and learn from a lack of confidence to enhance your career.

Imposter Syndrome can strike at any point in a career and it doesn’t discriminate between disciplines. Remember that you are in the position you are in because of your ability. You deserve to be the best you can be!

Click here to book for the 10am GMT webinar on Tuesday 29th October

Click here to book for the 2pm GMT webinar on Tuesday 29th October

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