Leading open access publisher Hindawi has extended their partnership with The Charlesworth Group to include digital author marketing in China. 


The services provided by The Charlesworth Group form part of a holistic package of solutions across the entire publication journey to support Hindawi’s author engagement strategy in China. Through this partnership, The Charlesworth Group are now providing Hindawi with comprehensive digital marketing, including a new Chinese website and search marketing campaigns. Charlesworth have provided WeChat account management services and media monitoring to Hindawi since early 2018 and have recently begun offering Hindawi authors optional expert editing services through Charlesworth Author Services.


Through offering these new services, together with the existing WeChat account management service, this partnership can offer deeper author engagement in the China market at a key time for Chinese researchers as institutions begin to map out their publications policy in reaction to the changes announced for the Chinese research evaluation.


China Expert Services
The Charlesworth Group is the leading sales and digital marketing agency that specialises in providing digital marketing and social media services to STM publishers in China and is recognised as the go-to company for Western publishers.


As well as the WeChat Account Management service, which can be tailored to the needs of each publisher, Charlesworth has extensive knowledge of Chinese search engine management.


Hindawi’s Chief Marketing Officer Mathias Astell expressed:

"We are very pleased to be working with The Charlesworth Group to extend our partnership providing publishing services in China. This continued partnership enables us to develop and build new platforms to better support Chinese researchers across our Hindawi and partner journals. The expansion into new digital channels opens up opportunities for us to better engage with authors, Editors and reviewers, as well as share the latest content, impactful articles, and industry news with the wider research community. We are proud to provide a growing amount of resources and content to support the publication of important new research from China, including language support, while also helping authors to select the right journal. We look forward to working more closely with Charlesworth to further engage our authors, Editors and reviewers through WeChat and sites that are core to the experience of Chinese researchers."


The Charlesworth Group's Product & Marketing Director, Andrew Smith remarked: 

"The Charlesworth Group is delighted that Hindawi have chosen to extend our partnership to include Chinese web pages, search engine management as well as the existing WeChat account management. Through bringing together marketing activities across search, social channels and academic platforms, Charlesworth can support Hindawi to deliver on their goals for the Chinese market."


About Hindawi Limited:

Hindawi Limited is one of the world's largest open access publishers with an expansive portfolio of academic research journals across all areas of science and medicine. Each peer-reviewed journal has been developed in partnership with academic researchers, acting as editors, to fit the targeted communities they serve. Driven by a mission to advance openness in research and placing the researcher at the heart of everything we do, we work with publishers, institutions, and organizations to move towards a more open scholarly ecosystem by investing in the development of open source publishing infrastructure. For additional information about Hindawi Limited, see hindawi.com.


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About The Charlesworth Group

With 20 years' experience in China, The Charlesworth Group is recognised globally as China's trusted partner for sales and marketing representation, technical solutions and consultancy for STM publishers internationally and across the Chinese academic market. Through the Charlesworth WeChat Gateway product they offer a single portal for the management and integration of publisher systems using WeChat. Charlesworth is also a leading provider of language editing and author services through its Charlesworth Author Services division.


For further information on how Charlesworth supports the global STM publishing community, please visit: https://www.cwauthors.com/publisherspartnership.


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