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Get your grant writing ‘ducks in a row’ with a Charlesworth Knowledge WEBINAR Tuesday April 30th @ 10:00am BST or @ 14:00pm BST


Join us for a WEBINAR on Tuesday April 30th @ 10:00am or @ 14:00pm BST and learn how to put together an effective (and hopefully, successful!) grant application.


Winning funding is a critical step for any research project, often the critical step!


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Tuesday April 30th @ 10:00am


Tuesday April 30th @ 14:00pm


As a researcher, you know what questions you want to address and which problems you want to solve: One of the major barriers to writing successful funding applications is transferring your own passion for a particular research question to a wider audience: why should a funding agency or a set of reviewers find your research important and significant?


One top tip for writing grant applications is to keep the message simple: What is the hypothesis that you plan to test and why is it important. Reviewers will not always want to read large amounts of text, so keep in mind that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ (as we say in English). Combine this with a fundamental, simply-defined question that is easily understandable and you will be making the first steps towards a successful grant application!


The Charlesworth Group team can help you develop effective grant funding applications via our Charlesworth Knowledge workshops. We are also excited to announce the launch of our new Grant Proposal Editing Service.


These services can enable you to ensure that your funding proposals are written in clear English so that the focus of reviewers will be on the scientific content, not the language. Winning grant funding is often the most difficult and uncertain aspect of life as a professional academic.


We can help: Sign up for our webinar


Tuesday April 30th @ 10:00am


Tuesday April 30th @ 14:00pm







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