When is the best time to send my paper for editing?

We offer an English language editing service which includes checking for accuracy and consistency in terms of grammar, spelling (US vs. UK) and overall accuracy and readability. Our editors will make adjustments and add comments with suggestions for how your paper can be changed to meet journal requirements.

We do not add or change content, so to get the most from our services it would be advisable for you to make any necessary changes regarding content and structure first. That way, our editors will be able to edit and comment on your whole paper.

Once the editing process is complete, if you have any further questions or require editing a small section of amendments that may have been made as a result of the editors’ comments, we would be happy to accommodate them.

However, if significant changes are made to the paper, we may need to charge an additional fee or a re-edit and offer a 40% discount off our normal price.

Additional help and support

Any questions? Charlesworth Author Services can help advise you on getting your research seen and published. Please contact us at asktheeditors@cwauthors.com or helpdesk@cwauthors.com.

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