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Our quality control ensures your paper is edited to the highest standard

Charlesworth Author Services quality control ensures your paper is edited to the highest quality standard

We understand that the preparation of academic articles is a lengthy and detailed process. 

When your paper is finally written up, and all that remains is to get it edited before journal submission, the idea of handing over your work to an outside company or organization might seem daunting.

In the editorial services industry, there are a few different types of service providers:

•  Freelance editors – working directly with a colleague or freelance editor

•  Websites and networks which host freelance editor profiles

•  Professional editing services companies, like Charlesworth Author Services


Whilst many authors may know freelance editors or colleagues who can help them with their English language editing, here are just some of the benefits of using a professional editing service company like Charlesworth Author Services:

Quality of our editors: All of our editors are thoroughly tested before they can work for us, and we manage a quality grading system internally to manage this. See below for more detail.

• Quality Guarantee: Our quality guarantee is established over years of providing the services to thousands of authors.

• Quality checks by two editors: All assignments are checked by two editors, not one, to validate the quality of editing before your paper is returned to you.

• Efficient communication process: Our feedback processes are robust and quantifiable. We provide an efficient process to manage communications between you as the author and the editor working on your paper, saving you time. Availability across different time zones to support responsive communications.

• Payment: We manage the administration around payment, which can be particularly important if you have any queries or disputes around the service – you can communicate these through us rather than dealing with any awkward communications directly with editors.

• Guaranteed workflows: We guarantee the workflows and ensure that delivery is on time and to specifications, otherwise the fee is waived. We provide customer support throughout the process and afterwards via newsletters and our dedicated asktheeditor@cwauthors.com email facility.

• No waiting for quotes: You don’t have to wait for a quote (although a quote facility is available if approval needed) – work can proceed immediately once you submit your paper – this is particularly important for fast turnarounds.

 Bulk projects: Ability to handle bulk projects efficiently, e.g. multiple papers from research group.

• Flexibility to choose your editor: we give you the option to choose your editor if you would like to use the same editor as a previous assignment; or, you are welcome to ask us if you have specific requirements outside of our standard service options – we will be happy to help accommodate your request.


Charlesworth Author Services editors are of the highest quality  

Here are the five main ways that Charlesworth Author Services ensures quality:

1. Testing editors before recruitment -  All editors undergo strict editing tests before they can work for us. They need to complete test edits as well as providing references and a full CV to validate their educational credentials. We only consider new editors with PhD qualifications or equivalent, and they must be native English speakers.

2. Assessing the detailed subject matter and discipline of your paper to ensure that it is sent to a suitably-qualified editor.

3. Providing high quality customer service for authors at all stages in the process, including handling any questions about the editors’ comments.

4. Sending papers to a second, quality control (QC) editor - Once your paper has been edited by an editor specializing in the relevant field, it is sent to a second editor for quality control. This means that each paper is viewed and approved by at least two editors before it is returned. 

5. Ensuring that any feedback from the QC editor is sent back to the first editor for professional development and quality control purposes.


We at Charlesworth Author Services will do everything we can to ensure that your paper is edited to the highest standard, and help you through the editing and review process through to successful publication.

Additional help and support 

Any questions? Charlesworth Author Services can help advise you on your editing needs. Please contact us at asktheeditors@cwauthors.com or helpdesk@cwauthors.com


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