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Charlesworth @ Ophthalmology Therapy Conference, Tsinghua University, Beijing

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The Charlesworth Author Services education team recently participated in an ‘Academic Symposium on New Progress in Ophthalmology Therapy’ organised by researchers at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. This presentation was part of our ongoing outreach and education to Chinese academic researchers, especially those starting their careers. Our goal at Charlesworth is to guide authors through all stages of the publication process and help researchers achieve their potential.


Our presentation at Tsinghua University dealt with ‘how to effectively publish a paper in a high profile journal’. We covered English writing tips and tricks, the structure of an academic paper and how to easily put together these different parts. We know that writing in a second (or third, or fourth) language can be very daunting, and so we have developed a tried and tested teaching technique as well as templates for paper writing that make this process much easier. We provide authors with effective tried and tested tips, based on our deep experience in research publishing and as editors that help anticipate peer-review issues and overcome rejections from target journals. Our ‘paper writing and publishing presentation’ was well received by attendees and led to much enthusiastic networking and follow-up questions. Attendees at our workshops and training courses in China are invited to join follow-up WeChat groups where they can ask further questions and gain support with their paper writing and publishing, including the peer-review process.


Colleagues in the audience at Tsinghua University were very interactive and asked lots of questions. One of these questions - actually one of the most common questions to come up at our China workshops generally - was about peer review: how can I select good peer reviewers for my paper? One key to this is developing an international mentorship network: reach out to colleagues around the world and talk to them about your work, meet people, and engage with them at conferences and over email. Building relationships with colleagues early in your career makes the peer-review process much smoother: people know you and your work, and you have good contacts to suggest when putting your papers through the submission process.


Developing a publication-ready manuscript and understanding the correct use of the English language and grammar is a must for all academic papers. Our team can help: why not get in touch with us for more information at www.cwauthors.com?


Tune in to our WeChat group, Twitter, and LinkedIn over the course of Peer Review Week 2019 (16-20  September) to learn more about ‘Managing and navigating the peer-review process’. We will be running a live event on Twitter on the 18th September at 1000 BST as well as a WeChat live Question and Answer for Chinese colleagues ongoing all week! We look forward to seeing you there!




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