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Peer Review Week 2019: Navigate peer review with Charlesworth Author Services


Peer Review Week 2019 is almost upon us, taking place 16-20 September this year. One of our aims at Charlesworth Author Services is to distil our many years of academic and publishing experience in order to help you successfully ‘navigate’ peer review as an academic author. We’ll save you having to learn the hard way, by trial and error, and we will show you how you can manage peer review to ensure your papers have the best possible chance of acceptance.


Over the course of Peer Review Week we’ll be publishing a daily blog to share insights, tips and tricks in a series starting on Monday 16 September. We will guide you through the process of peer review, starting with submission, and moving onto revisions, editorial communication, and then eventual acceptance. We will discuss how to select and deselect peer reviewers for your papers, how to communicate with editors, and how to effectively respond to comments made about your work.


Tune in to Charlesworth Author Services throughout Peer Review Week 2019 for daily updates here and follow us on LI here and Twitter here.


Although peer review underpins everything we do as academics publishing our work, this process remains surprisingly mysterious to many authors. Lots of academics, especially in countries where English is a second language (ESL), have little idea what to expect from peer review, let alone know how to make this process work to their advantage. Early career researchers in particular are often expected to ‘learn on the job’ when submitting their first papers to academic journals, with little support from their research group or institution.


In our Peer Review Week 2019 blog series, we will:


          Show you how to go about building a mentorship network of international colleagues that you can use as a pool to draw from when suggesting reviewers to journals.


          Discuss how to respond to comments when they come back from peer review, including managing those that you don’t agree with or where you feel you’ve been treated unfairly.


          Provide insights that will help you to navigate the peer review process and recognise the different kinds of review comments and likely decisions editors make.


We'll also be hosting a live event on Twitter ‘Navigating the choppy waters of peer review’ on Wednesday 18 September at 1000 BST. Follow us here.


Stay connected with Charlesworth Author Services during Peer Review Week 2019 to take advantage of our expertise and maximise your publication success; the experience of our team can help you to avoid the pitfalls of peer review as an author.


If you have general questions about academic publishing and writing, or face a specific peer review issue with a paper you are currently working on, why not get in touch with one of our team at Charlesworth Author Services? All our expert editors have PhDs in specific subject areas: this differentiates us from our competitors. Our team can help you to effectively respond to peer review comments, or edit your cover letters and ‘response to review’ documents. Using Charlesworth Author Services ensures that your published work contains high quality English.


Beyond Peer Review Week 2019, did you know that Charlesworth runs a free educational webinar at the end of each month? Why not sign up and learn something useful to help advance your career? Find out more here.


Maximise your publication success with Charlesworth Author Services.



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