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Celebrate Tuesday with our Charlesworth Knowledge webinar series: Don’t worry, Friday is coming!


Tuesday July 30th 2019: Enhance your public speaking and presentation skills


Presentation and public-speaking skills can be learned. Giving a talk in a second language is a very scary and intimidating experience.


Join us for a WEBINAR on Tuesday July 30th @ 10:00am or @ 14:00pm BST and learn some tips and tricks to be a better public speaker.


Tuesday July 30th @ 10:00am


Tuesday July 30th @ 14:00pm



Tuesday August 27th 2019: Peer review: How to do it and survive it to get your papers published


The peer-review process is the cornerstone of academic publishing: everyone wants to get their papers into journals that have been ‘policed’ in this way. Join us for a WEBINAR on Tuesday August 27th @ 10:00am or @ 14:00pm BST and learn to make the peer-review process work for your career.


Tuesday August 27th @ 10:00am


Tuesday August 27th @ 14:00pm



Tuesday September 24th 2019: Performing well in an academic interview


Well done! You’ve made it to the interview stage. What next? Make sure you maximise your chances of securing that dream job. Tips and tricks for any interview situation.


Join us for a WEBINAR on Tuesday September 24th 2019 @ 10:00am or @ 14:00pm BST and enhance your interview skills to land that dream position!


Tuesday September 24th @ 10:00am


Tuesday September 24th @ 14:00pm



Tuesday October 29th 2019: Designing a great conference poster


Make sure people stop and look at your conference poster. How to design, create, and produce a conference poster that people will remember.


Join us for a WEBINAR on Tuesday October 29th  2019 @ 10:00am or @ 14:00pm BST and learn how to put together an effective, alluring, and enticing conference poster.


Tuesday October 29th @ 10:00am


Tuesday October 29th @ 14:00pm



Tuesday November 26th 2019: Imposter syndrome as a PhD student


You are in the position you are in because of your ability. You deserve to be the best you can be. Charlesworth Knowledge can help you to enhance your career and make it to the next stage: Your PhD and beyond!


Join us for a WEBINAR on Tuesday November 26th  2019 @ 10:00am or @ 14:00pm BST to manage those feelings of doubt. Your are doing great research! Learn some key skills to complete your PhD and move onto the next stage.


Tuesday November 26th @ 10:00am


Tuesday November 26th @ 14:00pm



Tuesday December 17th 2019: Responding to reviews and communicating with editors


Ensure that you show editors you are taking this process seriously. How to maximise your chances of publication in your target journal after review. Manage comments on your work and don’t be afraid of talking with editors.


Join us for a WEBINAR on Tuesday December 17th  2019 @ 10:00am or @ 14:00pm BST and learn how to make the peer review process work for you.


Tuesday December 17th @ 10:00am


Tuesday December 17th @ 14:00pm


Past webinars:


Writing effective grant applications

Grants are the lifeblood of research projects. You’ll often need to be awarded the funding in order to do the work.