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Charlesworth Author Services webinar series

2021 Webinar Schedule 

Announcing our webinar series for 2021, register by clicking on the links below: 


18 February - 10 March 2021: Course: How to write and structure your academic article for publication

This certificated course with 15 bitesize modules has been designed to help you decide when you are ready to write an academic paper. It gives you guidelines and checklists of what you need to keep in mind before writing, during the writing process and after writing. This is an elaborate course that will cover every aspect of your writing to publication journey. All modules are held in English at 12pm GMT. The course is accompanied by informative flashcards. 


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What to know Before Writing:  

Thu 18 Feb - Module 1: Know when are you ready to write an academic paper: Now available on listen on demand page
Fri  19 Feb  - Module 2: Select an appropriate journal: Now available on listen on demand page
Mon 22 Feb - Module 3: Understand the structure of an academic paper: Now available on listen on demand page
Tue  23 Feb - Module 4: Prepare to write your academic paper: Now available on listen on demand page

Wed 24 Feb - Module 5: Conduct a Literature Review: Now available on listen on demand page

What to focus on During Writing:  

Thu 25 Feb - Module 6: Choose a great title and write a strong abstract and introduction: Now available on listen on demand page

Fri  26 Feb  - Module 7: Write a strong theoretical framework section
Mon 1 Mar -  Module 8: Write a strong methods section
Tue  2 Mar -  Module 9: Write a strong results and discussion section
Wed 3 Mar -  Module 10: Enhance your paper with visuals


Guidelines to follow After Writing:  

Thu 4 Mar - Module 11: Know when your article is ready for submission
Fri  5 Mar  - Module 12: Understand the peer review process
Mon 8 Mar - Module 13: Navigate the revise and resubmit process
Tue  9 Mar - Module 14: Increase your chances for publication
Wed 10 Mar-Module 15: Increase visibility and track your impact



17 March 2021: When research goes wrong

During this webinar we learn about what could possibly go wrong with a research process, challenges that you can anticipate, how to respond to unexpected outcomes and become a better researcher. Tune in for this insightful webinar and understand how to handle the situations that make you think that your research is not going 100% according to plan.    


Join us for our FREE webinar on Wednesday 17th March 2021 @ 10am or @ 2pm GMT


Wed 17 Mar - at 10 am When research goes wrong

Wed 17 Mar - at 2 pm  When research goes wrong


22 - 26 March 2021: Research and Publication Ethics 

This FREE webinar course will elaborate on conducting ethical research, understanding ethical publishing and avoiding plagiarism. It explains authorship and contributions as well as conflicts of interest and intellectual property. This certificated course is accompanied by a set of complimentary flashcards for ready reference. 


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Mon 22 Mar - Module 1: Conducting Ethical Research
Tue  23 Mar  -Module 2: Understanding Ethical Publishing
Wed 24 Mar - Module 3: Avoiding Plagiarism
Thu  25 Mar - Module 4: Authorship and Contributions
Fri    26 Mar - Module 5: Conflicts of Interest and Intellectual Property


31 March 2021: Working from home

In these new and daunting times, learning to work effectively from home, juggle your commitments, still carry out research, and write papers will be key. As we continue to work from home, tune in on the 31st of March for some practical tips on "Working from home".


Join us for our FREE webinar on Wednesday 31st March 2021 @ 10am or @ 2pm GMT


Wed 31 Mar - at 10 am Working from home

Wed 31 Mar - at 2 pm  Working from home


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