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AI Paper Checking Service

Free automated tool to check the quality
of your paper before journal submission, offered in collaboration with Writefull

Finished writing your paper?
Not sure if it needs professional academic editing?
Don’t want it to be desk rejected?
Be sure by using our AI Paper Checking service, offered in collaboration with Writefull.

AI Paper Checking is a free automated tool that performs rapid checks on various language aspects of your paper to assess its quality and determine whether or not your paper needs professional academic editing before submission. AI Paper Checking thus guides you in improving the language of your paper before submission, increasing your chances of acceptance.

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How our AI Paper Checking helps your paper

  • Checks the most critical sections of your paper, including Abstract, Introduction, Methods and Results

  • Provides scores in five key academic writing areas: Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Style and Vocabulary

  • Provides a score for the overall quality of your paper

  • Recommends whether your paper meets the acceptable quality for submission or whether it would help to have it edited before submission

  • Shares results in approximately five minutes after upload, helping you decide faster

  • Uses an encrypted, secure system and does not store your paper

How to use AI Paper Checking to check and improve the quality of your paper

  1. Upload your paper on AI Paper Checking. (Log in if you are an existing user. Sign up if you are a new user)

  2. Wait for about five minutes for the results. (You will also receive the results by mail)

  3. View the scores for the five writing focus areas: Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Style and Vocabulary

  4. Read the recommendation based on the scores

  5. If the recommendation is to use a professional academic editing service, upload your paper to Charlesworth Author Services to get a free, no-obligation quote

  6. If you decide on editing your paper, choose any academic editing package from Charlesworth Author Services to improve your paper quality and increase your chances of a successful submission

Powered by Writefull to empower your paper

Our AI Paper Checking service has been developed in partnership with Writefull, a leader in academic automation. AI Paper Checking has been trained on thousands of real edited and unedited academic papers to check nuances of language across multiple disciplines. Combined with Charlesworth’s academic editing expertise, AI Paper Checking can rapidly check your paper with the expertise of a trained PhD professional.