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Understanding and ensuring Reproducibility in your research

Deciding between the Chronological and Thematic approaches to a Literature Review


Writing and submitting a Conference Proceedings paper

How to write the Conclusion section of a scientific article


Understanding the Embargo Period and dealing with it as an Author and a Reader

Checklist for the Final Proofing Stage of a journal article

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Conceptual framework vs. Theoretical framework – and constructing each

Academic writing

How to write the Rationale for your research


Understanding Author Affiliation and accurately mentioning it in different scenarios

Spotlight: Abstracts

Writing an Abstract: Purpose and Tips

Writing a Conference Abstract: Key Components

How Video Abstracts help communicate and publicise your research

Series: Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning 1: Actions for Becoming a Successful Academic Author

Continuous Learning 2: Methods to Keep up with the Latest Literature

Continuous Learning 3: Continuing Education (CE) for Academic Researchers

Early-Career Researchers

Choosing the Right PhD Topic

What to do if you are thinking of Changing your PhD Topic or Field

How to develop an excellent PhD Supervisor relationship

Mid-Career Researchers

Basics of developing and conducting a Systematic Review

Basics of when and how to perform a Meta-analysis

Understanding and using the PRISMA checklist – meaningfully

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WEBINAR: How Researcher Wellbeing is Essential for Researcher Success

Predatory journals

WEBINAR: Dealing with and Avoiding Predatory Journals

Journal rejection

WEBINAR: Avoiding Journal Rejection

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