An abstract of your research is essential to getting published - and a professional, well-edited, informative abstract improves your chances immensely with academic publications and journals. Our services are flexible to your requirements, ensuring a one-on-one, professional and personalised service that's dedicated to your research.


Abstract Writing Services

Our expert editor will read your article and write an appropriate abstract for its submission. This service includes summarising the essential facts of your paper, identifying the most appropriate keywords and formatting to target journal standards.


Abstract Editing Services

Our expert editor will read your abstract and perform a comprehensive edit while following your target journal's standards. This service ensures that the abstract summarises the essential facts of your paper with correct use of technical terminology and relevant formatting.


Video Abstracts

Our team will create a 2-3 minute video abstract for your paper, summarising its essential facts and keywords in a professional film that will help you to stand out amongst other submissions, increasing the likelihood of publication.

Who are Charlesworth Author Services?

We understand the importance of your research and its publication. At Charlesworth Author Services, we offer a variety of packages for academic authors in order to improve the quality, clarity and readability of your written English - thus maximising your publication success.

Unlike most academic author and editing services, our editors always have PHDs (or equivalent) in your chosen discipline, with native-level English and a first-hand understanding of the publication process. As a result, our editors understand your subject’s technical language and can ensure it is edited properly, keeping your writing clear, concise and scientifically accurate.

Our Editing and support services not only helps academics to get published - they also streamline the academic publication process by improving the quality of submissions editors and publishers receive. We are recommended by some of the world’s top scientific publications and institutions, including The Royal Society, The American Mathematical Society, The Royal Society of Chemistry and more – and we are proud members of the Committee on Publication Ethics.