Prepare for success in your next academic interview

‘If you're the type that's always waiting for someone to open a door to your success, chances are you're going to be waiting an awfully long time’ – Anon.

Job interviews of various kinds are common in all lines of work. One key trick is getting to that stage with your applications: do you have a good academic CV or resume? We can provide templates and training to help you put together an eye-catching and effective academic CV.

As an early-career researcher, you are almost certain to be sitting down in a postdoctoral or job interview at some point over the next few years: how can you manage this extremely stressful experience to your advantage and ensure you do the best you can? We can help you to ensure you make a positive impression and have the best possible chance of securing that dream job or next postdoctoral position.

Congratulations! Your CV got you the notice you deserve and so now you’ve been asked to come in for a face-to-face interview. As we will discuss, careful preparation beforehand is essential if you are going to shine during your interview and land that job offer. We’ll teach you how to be ready in advance for questions you are likely to be asked, show you how to research this job opportunity, and have all your necessary information and references at the ready. We’ll give you some key helpful pre-interview tips so that you go into the meeting feeling confident and ready to impress!

Success in interviews is all about preparation; this is also key to ensuring that you are not too nervous on the day. In our free webinar, we’ll cover a number of topics including:

          Researching the job, new university, and research group;

          Finding out who will be interviewing you and preparing relevant questions;

          Anticipate, predict, and prepare for likely questions;

          Conduct a practice interview with colleagues, and;

          Tips for how to manage yourself in the interview, including things to do and things not to do

These topics sound obvious but you’d be surprised just how many people are ill-prepared for job interviews, make silly mistakes, and end up losing a great chance to advance their careers. Our team can help; we are uniquely positioned to advise on academic interviews because we span the worlds of both publishing and research.


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