What are Video Abstracts?

Video Abstracts are short 2-3 minute videos with voice-over that deliver the core message of your research output in a bite-sized, easily accessible format.

  •   A video abstract is also the most effective way to quickly disseminate/convey the results of your research to a   wider  audience.

  •  It gives you a greater chance to engage with editors and reviewers during the submission and review process.

  •  Video abstracts can be used as part of a media campaign once you know your paper is going to be accepted, or as a   component of your public outreach.

  •  Video abstracts can be included with your grant application.

How do I use a Video Abstract to communicate my research?

Taking a lead from the pharmaceutical industry, the use of video abstracts to accompany published academic research papers has been growing rapidly in recent years. Creating a video or animation to describe the outcomes of your research to colleagues and stakeholders enables you to personally explain the importance of your work to readers. Our ultimate goal as academics is to entice people and persuade them to read and engage with our research; video abstracts can significantly enhance the impact, understanding, and reach of your study, and maximise your chances of publication success. 


Why should I use a Video Abstract? 

Surveys of academics and journal editors have shown that people actually do engage with video abstracts, which are bite-sized presentations of research studies – often more so than with images or text. This is probably because it requires less effort from the audience when presented with a video or animation, you can let the medium explain the given study:

  •       What is the message?
  •       What are the main outcomes?
  •       What does this research mean for the future of the field?

Video abstracts are of great help to journal editors: they can click on a link embedded in an email or cover letter and get enthused, interested, and quickly convinced that a paper is interesting and worthy of further consideration for publication via peer review.

Indeed, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth many, many, more; this approach – providing your readers, editors, and reviewers with a video or animated abstract to accompany your research paper – is the fastest and most effective way to get across your message and to convince people that your study is important.


Should I include a Video Abstract with my article submission?

Take a look at the numbers of scholarly journals that now encourage their authors to include a video abstract as part of their submission. In some fields, like molecular biology and structural chemistry, this approach is becoming commonplace: what better way to illustrate the complexities of a new compound, crystal structure, or protein interaction than with a short video presentation that summarises the results, the ‘take home’ message of your research.

A video abstract is also the most effective way to quickly convey the results of your study to a wider audience. As well as their obvious appeal amid the submission and review process, video abstracts can be used in a wider media or research impact campaign, once you know your paper is going to be accepted, or as a component of your public outreach.

Alongside downloadable PDFs and other information about your research group, video abstracts are also a great way to attract traffic to your lab website: all part of successfully marketing and branding yourself as a researcher.

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