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How to effectively Share your research on Social Media

At some point in your research, you will probably have to share your work with other academics and public audiences. Communicating your research widely is important for various reasons. Above all, knowledge dissemination plays a crucial role in raising awareness of your good work, maximising the impact and reach of your research, developing your own research profile and establishing your expertise in your field and beyond. 

Traditionally, research was commonly shared via high-profile journals, conferences and academic networks. Today, however, the proliferation of new technologies and digital channels now makes it possible for researchers to reach much bigger audiences all around the world. This article shares tips for how to effectively use social media to share your research. 

Share your research directly on social media

Understandably, you may be concerned about giving away too much detail about your research on platforms as public and open as social media. However, a great benefit of social media is the level of control over the content you choose to share. You can decide where you want to post your content, adjust privacy settings for who views your content and select only the elements of your research that you feel comfortable sharing. 

Another advantage of sharing your research online is the immediacy with which you can post content and interact with your followers. This way, you can maintain frequent and regular updates about your research work. Regular updates about your work goes a long way to help you build a consistent following and to establish yourself as an authority within your subject.

Measure your personal and research impact

While the more traditional route of journal publications is an effective and straightforward way of making a name for yourself, social media can also be harnessed as a fast and effective way to measure your personal and research impact.

You might have published with a very prestigious, high impact journal but it won’t have much bearing on your impact if your publication stays hidden and nobody knows about it. Here’s where you can use your social media to boost promotion of all your research endeavours – not just your publications but any activity, including conference papers, any presentations or public talks, media interviews and even writing for non-academic platforms like blogs or science websites.

Because social media reaches so many people, you never know who is going to come across your work. Make good use of relevant hashtags, share content regularly and consistently, and build useful connections – these tricks all open up greater opportunities to share your work with more diverse audiences.

Further, use the measurable details of social media likes, comments and shares to track how audiences are engaging with your work. You can also gain insight into who is reading your work, and interact immediately and directly with your readers through online comments or with follow-up conversations through messages and emails.

Use social media to network 

Many academics use social media not only to share their research but also to network and form valuable, supportive connections within their specific field or across academia more generally. 

A number of these platforms are informal and more social, making it easier for you to create connections and participate within a helpful, supportive research online community. Do not be afraid to message someone directly to introduce yourself, tell them about your research and ask if they would be happy to arrange a meeting (online or in person) to discuss mutual research interests or possible collaborations

Social media platforms are also great places for finding out about upcoming conferences or events in your field. Use these platforms to make connections with people before or during the conference: you can find out who will be presenting or attending, get in touch with them beforehand or follow up with anyone new you meet at the event. 

End note

Because social media is so varied and versatile, it can offer many different opportunities and platforms for sharing your research. Select one or two channels that you prefer and build your presence by posting, updating and interacting with your followers regularly. Taking consistent action on social media can reap great rewards. Stick with it for at least six months and you will start seeing good results of sharing your research activity with the world. 


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